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Our Experience

A strong security presence does more than protect property; it brings a feeling of safety to the community. With over forty years of combined training in advanced police and security tactics, we’re here to bring you peace of mind.

Many Banneret Security personnel are passionate members of local area law enforcement, dedicated to securing our city, even off-duty. Their insight into local and national crime trends gives Banneret Security force a decisive edge in all security fields.

Banneret Security


You can be sure that all your Banneret Security are alert and on patrol, offering you the safety and security you deserve.

Banneret Security


24-hour availability is a key tenet of the Banneret Security customer service promise.

Banneret Security


Attentive surveillance and proper equipment are key to providing a proper security presence.

Our Promise

At the core, security is customer service. As such, Banneret Security has taken pride in standard-setting customer service for every customer, every time. Our job is to effectively deal with incidents in a swift, personable manner, leaving you safe and secure. Your peace of mind is our business. Let us be your eyes when you’re sleeping.

Satisfied Customers We Got Your Back

Banneret Security has taken pride in providing quality commercial, personal, and residential security for around a decade. Our current locations range from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

  • Hotels

  • Motels/Extended Stay

  • Luxury Condominiums

  • Metropolitan High-Rise Apartments

  • Office Buildings/Complexes

  • Retail and Restaurant Locations

  • Neighborhood Security